Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday 2-24-14

They are standing and walking all over the place. They can even make their way out of the box. Their ears are starting to open, tonight one of the little girls was turning her head in wonder as I whistled to the big dogs. I never stop being amazed when I watch how things grow!
 (Plant or animal)

 Nellie is checking on them!

Saturday Night!

The puppies had their first puppy food It was messy but the liked it!!!


Resting! 2-22-14


Nellie and the girls are resting on Saturday afternoon, watching "Night Court" reruns and napping!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dad is checking on us!

 This morning when we were coming down the steps we noticed too many dogs in the box!
Who is?
It was Stormy and Nellie their proud parents, sniffing them and walking in circles around them . The boys and I watched as the big dogs sniffed and nudged each of the puppies while they walked in circles for at least 5 minutes. Before the boys left for school all of the puppies were standing on all four feet in the center of the box, up and alert! Ryan has decided that Stormy and Nellie were teaching their babies how to walk! Who am I to say! It was neat to watch and I have never seem any other dogs do this. (Maybe Dogs normally conduct night classes! LOL) It is wonderful that Stormy is so gentle with the pups!

Nap Time!

At this age there are two important times in a puppies life eating and sleeping.
I call it the Nap~Wine &Roll~Nap!
Comfort is so important to a puppy nap and as you will see thru the weeks, comfort and naps come in many different shapes and positions! Sometimes the boys and I will name them!
The Big Dog Stretch!
 This is the shelf pillow, with the left snuggle!
Pile of Puppies!
 Notice the visitor in the box! Reba, Our new pup has been adopted by Nellie and her family!
 Close your eyes and pretend your asleep, mom is back!

I wish you were my mom!

Beautiful Blue Eyes!

The Puppies all have their eyes open now and they are starting to wobble around on their legs! This is such a cute toddler stage!


(girls names are in no true order yet)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valintine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day From your New Puppy 2014!
 Two White toes & a Blaze Female
 Clark- Little Boy
 Little White Female- Eyes open
White Feet Female